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Blogging for Sofia’s Eating Disorder Treatment Fund.

Are you a blogger looking to help draw attention (and funding) to Sofia’s Fund for Eating Disorder Treatment?  Did someone recently bribe, beg, and hound you to take a look at this project?  Good deal!

The backstory: Sofia Benbahmed is raising money to help fund her stay at Monte Nido, a residential treatment center for those with eating disorders, while fighting a legal battle against her insurance company. (Like most US insurance companies, Sofia’s refuses to support her recommended level of care.)  If she wins her case, Sofia will be fully reimbursed for treatment expenses, in which case donations will either be returned to those who contributed or given to a supportive organization, such as NEDA or FREED.  (Tax-deductible donations to Sofia’s fund are now being accepted through FREED.)

This project: Blogging for Sofia is intended to increase number of people aware of her cause — and to expose the systemic underfunding of treatment for EDs.  (You can read more here about why I decided to become involved.)  To participate,  you simply reserve a day in October when you’ll be able to blog (or repost another contributor’s post, with their permission) on the Blog/ Day Calendar.  When your day rolls around, you upload your post to your blog and help draw a larger audience to Sofia’s GiveForward page. 

(Note: Following requests from willing “non-bloggers,” those without blogs who would like to post Facebook notes, etc, WILL be accepted into this project.)

Before reserving a date, check the calendar to see if it’s available.  Then, contact me — (marybrave1[at]gmail[dot]com or @MissMaryMax on Twitter) — and let me know your blog address and the date you wish to post.  I’ll update the calendar to include your reservation. 

Thanks so much for participating!

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